September 19-20, 2015

General Info

This is the Nationals for beginning skydivers!  All jumpers who graduated from ANY drop zone in either 2014 or 2015 are welcome to participate in this 3-way scramble style competition.  Teams change each round based on a random draw, but will always include one experienced ‘coach’ (members from SDC Rhythm, SDC Core, Rook Nelson and more!).  Scores will be judged by an officially rated judge and prizes go to the top three individuals!  The winner will take home a DropZone Trophy that will give the DZ bragging rights they produce the best Students. The current first place skydiver is SDC’s AFP graduate, Erin Kotlarczyk.  Will you be the next?!


Registration Fee is $40
*to register, please contact the office at 815-433-0000

5 jump tickets @ $25.00 each (unless you have a jump package)

Discounted gear rental for competition jumps (if needed/available): $20/jump


Friday, September 18 Saturday, September 19 Sunday, September 20
6:00pm Deadline to call & register 8:00am Must complete registration at manifest, if haven’t already (please try to do this Friday, if possible) 9:00am Competition resumes
9am-6pm Manifest open to complete registration, pay account, and/or sign waiver 8:30am Meet time for briefing.
7pm-10pm Tiki Bar open for food and drinks.

Dive Pool

Click HERE to view the five dives used during the event.